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In the Woods: A Fiction Foundry Anthology edited by Robert Lewis

In the Woods: A Fiction Foundry Anthology edited by Robert Lewis

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Strange things can happen in the woods.

Sometimes they’re frightening.
Sometimes they’re funny.
Sometimes they’re just plain weird.

The authors of the Fiction Foundry writers’ critique group have taken it upon themselves to explore all the strange things that happen in the often majestic and yet often harsh woodlands.

Fiction Foundry, established 2012, is a group of writers dedicated to helping prepare one another’s work for professional publication.  In this anthology, the group’s authors show off their eclectic visions of life among the trees.

Featuring contributions by John H. Howard, Sangita Kalarickal, Josh Snider, Carolyn Kay, Robert Lewis, Charli Cowan, Henry Snider, Shiloh Silveira, Kari J. Wolfe, Christophe Maso, and Hollie Snider, this anthology brings us out of urban life and shows a world of forest spirits, haints, mental illness, parasitic spiders, werewolves, out of control plants, evil forces, reincarnation, humans with animal ears, witches, and Lovecraftian horrors.

And all of them can be found…In the Woods.

Available in paperback and eBook formats.  If you order an eBook, you will receive a download link for an .epub formatted copy of the book.  The signed paperback option is autographed by the editor (not the entire list of contributors).

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