About Us

Polymath Press was founded in 2023 by owner and executive editor Robert Lewis with a mission to publish only the finest in both fiction and non-fiction.  Our name, Polymath Press, reflects our eclectic tastes and desire to publish a wide variety of the best books we can find.  Though we specialize in genre fiction (particularly horror) and quirky non-fiction, we also believe quality is more important than genre or marketing categories.  Therefore, we proudly publish “whatever we want.”  The most important thing for us is that books should either make us think or make us feel.  Toward that end, we’re constantly looking for books with some kind of unique intellectual or emotional je ne sais quoi.

About Our Founder

Robert (Bob) Lewis is a Colorado-based author, editor, publisher, magician, scholar, podcaster, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and more.  He holds degrees with Latin honors in Biology, English, Mathematics, and Psychology from the University of Colorado Denver (where he also took an Astrophysics minor) as well as a Master of Education in Science and the Public from the University at Buffalo.  A dedicated polymath, he likes to tell people that his hobby is to collect new hobbies.  Among his current favorite pastimes are chess, cooking, woodworking, tinkering in his workshop, collecting bizarre artifacts and curiosities, and (re)learning his musical instruments.  By the time you read this, he’ll assuredly have added some more to the list.

Robert Lewis

Professionally speaking, he is the founder, owner, and executive editor of Polymath Press, host of the YouTube channel Phobophile, co-host of the Do You Like Scary Movies horror podcast, member of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, president of the Fiction Foundry writers' critique group, and performs as a magician at Bob Lewis Magic. By the time you read this, there’s a good chance he’ll be in the process of adding something to this list as well.