We've had the pleasure of working with a growing list of amazing authors.  Read a bit about all of these talented individuals here (presented in alphabetical order), and click on their names to find all of the Polymath Press books in which their work appears.

Bryan Bonner is a founding member of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society. For over two decades, Bryan has dedicated himself to the examination of a wide range of paranormal phenomena, including ghosts, poltergeists, psychics, UFOs, conspiracy theories, urban legends, and much more. Setting himself apart from others in the field, he has always maintained a grounded approach, refraining from running around cemeteries at night and needlessly scaring others with imaginative tales. Instead, he meticulously tests bizarre beliefs and practices, conducts experiments and on-site investigations, and even recreates unusual events, all with the aim of uncovering the truth. Bryan’s work has garnered the respect of believers and skeptics alike, while simultaneously instilling fear in fraudsters and charlatans.  You can read more about Bryan and his work at

Charli Cowan considers herself a lifelong bookworm and artist. Some of her earliest memories consist of setting up a desk in her grandmother’s bedroom, where she would write and illustrate stories. Her favorite themes include romance, history, adventure, and anything paranormal, but she’ll explore anything that seems intriguing. When she isn’t writing, you can find Charli wandering new places, gardening with peculiar vegetables, ghost-hunting with her team, or spending time with her plethora of pets. She has been published twice in the UCCS literary journal, riverrun, as well as in an anthology entitled Colorado’s Best Emerging Poets, both for her poetry.

Rivka Crowbourne is an aspiring poet and writer who wishes you infinitely well.

Miguel Fliguer (b. 1961) lives in Buenos Aires, Argentina. His self-published first book, Cooking with Lovecraft is a collection of gastronomical weird tales. His short stories and collaborations are featured in the Ancestors & Descendants, Weird Tails, Portraits of Terror, Corridors, and The Pickman Papers anthologies from Innsmouth Gold Press. He is also published in Circulo de Lovecraft (Spain), Vastarien Literary Journal (Grimscribe Press), Strange Aeon 2022, and Red Duke Games’ illustrated culinary grimoires. He dwells on Twitter as @cookingwithHPL and as @cookingwithlovecraft on Instagram.

Wil Forbis writes horror and suspense fiction that simmers with tension before exploding into action. He’s placed several short stories in anthologies and his novel What Waits in the Shadows, a tale of the monsters that dwell in the mind (and elsewhere), was published in 2024. Visit for free stories and updates.

Patrick Freivald is the four-time Bram Stoker Award nominated author of eight novels and dozens of short stories, including his collection In the Garden of Rusting Gods. A physics teacher by day, he is also an avid beekeeper and the owner of a hot sauce company and writes about whatever interests him, including nonfiction (physics, mostly), horror, science fiction, and fantasy. Growing up on a steady diet of The Twilight Zone and Tales from the Dark Side, he’s always had a soft spot for the monstrous and weird. He and his wife live in the hinterlands of Western New York with dogs, cats, chickens, parrots, and several million stinging insects. You can find him online across social media and at

Maxwell I. Gold is an acclaimed Jewish-American cosmic horror poet and editor, with an extensive body of work comprising over 300 poems since 2017. His writings have earned a place alongside many literary luminaries in the speculative fiction genre. His work has appeared in numerous literary journals, magazines, and anthologies such as Weird Tales Magazine, Startling Stories, Space and Time Magazine, Other Terrors: An Inclusive Anthology, Chiral Mad 5, and many more. Maxwell’s work has been recognized with multiple nominations including the Rhysling Award, the Pushcart Prize, and the Bram Stoker Awards. Find him and his work at

John H. Howard lives in Dayton, Ohio with his wife Melanie and four cats and has two wonderful daughters, Kaitlyn and Sarah. He grew up on fantasy fiction and it’s still his go-to genre when he needs to unwind. John primarily writes fantasy and horror, but has recently been experimenting with magical realism, which he has discovered he enjoys a great deal. His short stories have been featured in The Ladies and Gentlemen of Fantasy anthology series, The Ladies and Gentlemen of Horror anthology series, the Fiction Foundry: One anthology, and The Horror Society Presents: Forgotten Places anthology. He is also the author of the novella Ordinary Heroes. Find out more about John and his work at

Dr. Sangita Kalarickal has been published in several e-magazines and anthologies worldwide. She has also written a poetry chapbook, Mamina, published by Adisakrit Publishing in Chennai, India. She lives in Minnesota, USA, with her husband, kid, and the several fantasy characters she writes about. She can be contacted on Facebook and Instagram via the username skalarickal.

Liz Kaufman is a Toronto-based writer who has always loved a good scare. She enjoys reading and writing horror, romance, and speculative fiction, and most enjoys mixing elements of all three. In her spare time, she loves going on long walks and fantasizing about moving to a remote cabin in the woods. But, for now, she lives in the city with her husband and large orange cat. You can read more about Liz and her work at

Carolyn Kay has, from an early age, been steeped in the worlds of fantasy and science fiction. Legos and Star Wars figures were her favorite toys, and Madeleine L’Engle and Tolkien graced her bookshelves. So it’s no surprise that she writes stories in a variety of genres, or that her first novel was an Avengers-Star Wars crossover fanfic. Carolyn melded two of her favorite genres—steampunk and fantasy—into a trilogy titled Galessel’s Tale, set in the world of Ashelon, co-created with her husband and award-winning illustrator, Chaz Kemp. Her foray into military sci-fi, Gunpowder Geishas, was released in 2023. She’s also authored multiple short stories and a sci-fi novelette. A government drone, she carves out time to write between the day job, belly dancing, gardening, photography, and herding two independent felines. You can find her at and on most social media platforms under the username Bewitchinghips.

Brian Knight lives in Washington State with his wife and the voices in his head. He has published over a dozen novels and novellas including Feral, Hacks, and the Phoenix Girls trilogy, as well as two short story collections in the horror, fantasy, and crime genres. Several of his short stories have received honorable mentions in Year’s Best Fantasy and Horror. Learn more about Brian and his work at

Sarah Lazarz has loved stories ever since she found a secret cache of fantasy novels in her grandparents’ cabin as a child. Besides writing, she adopts cats, teaches middle school, and drinks coffee. She lives on the bank of the Mississippi River with her spouse and hopes to get over her fear of heights someday.

Robert Lewis is a Colorado-based author, editor, publisher, magician, scholar, podcaster, YouTuber, entrepreneur, and more.  He holds degrees with Latin honors in Biology, English, Mathematics, and Psychology from the University of Colorado Denver (where he also took an Astrophysics minor) as well as a Master of Education in Science and the Public from the University at Buffalo.  A dedicated polymath, he likes to tell people that his hobby is to collect new hobbies.  Among his current favorite pastimes are chess, cooking, woodworking, tinkering in his workshop, collecting bizarre artifacts and curiosities, and (re)learning his musical instruments.  By the time you read this, he’ll assuredly have added some more to the list. Professionally speaking, he is the founder, owner, and executive editor of Polymath Press, host of the YouTube channel Phobophile, co-host of the Do You Like Scary Movies horror podcast, member of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society, current president of Fiction Foundry, and performs as a magician at Bob Lewis Magic. By the time you read this, there’s a good chance he’ll be in the process of adding something to this list as well.

Elizabeth Massie is the author of novels, novellas, short fiction, media-tie ins, poetry, and nonfiction. Her novels and collections include Sineater, Hell Gate, Desper Hollow, Wire Mesh Mothers, Homeplace, Naked on the Edge, Dark Shadows: Dreams of the Dark (co-authored with Mark Rainey), Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Power of Persuasion, It Watching, Afraid, Madame Cruller’s Couch and Other Dark and Bizarre Tales, The Great Chicago Fire, and many more. She is also the creator of the Ameri-Scares series of middle-grade novels. Elizabeth’s short fiction has been included in countless magazines and anthologies, including several years’ best publications. She lives in the Shenandoah Valley of Virginia with her husband, artist/illustrator and Theremin-player Cortney Skinner. Elizabeth is a two-time Bram Stoker Award-winning author and recipient of the 2022 Horror Writers Association Lifetime Achievement Award.

Christophe Maso is a conduit of dark visions and a teller of dark fantastic, paranormal, gothic, and sci-fi tales. He's the former fiction editor of The City Morgue Magazine, and a member of the Horror Writers Association, Horror Authors Guild, Brooklyn Speculative Fiction Writers, the Denver Horror Collective, and Fiction Foundry. His short story “Feast of the Senses” can be found in the horror anthology Consumed: Tales Inspired by the Wendigo. His first published novella, Scream of the Butterfly, was released in 2022 by D&T Publishing. He lives with his wife Katherine Navarrete in Silver City, New Mexico. When not writing, he enjoys jumping out of perfectly good airplanes, acting, riding horses, volunteering, playing guitar and hammered dulcimer, ranging into New Mexican backcountry, hosting barbecues, and walking betwixt the worlds. See his author page at

Damon Nomad is the pen name of an author of numerous short stories and essays, several of which have won competitions at He is educated and trained as both an engineer and lawyer and has lived and worked all over the world. Speaking Volumes has published his two novels, Phantom in the Desert (July 2022) and A Dangerous Test (September 2023). His short story “Death Trap” is slated for publication in Jane Nightshades’ Serial Encounters anthology in early 2024.

Shiloh Silveira is a Canadian born, Oregon raised writer. Her biggest passion is writing non-fiction focused on mental health and self-improvement, though she sometimes dabbles in romance, fantasy, and children's stories. Shiloh put together the graphic novel script adaptation for author Bryan Davis's book, Raising Dragons. She has two certificates from The Children's Institute of Literature and is nearing completion of her Associate’s degree in Psychology. Her free time is primarily spent re-reading the Harry Potter series with her children. When not reading or writing, she can be found running around the streets of Grants Pass, Oregon and getting shin splints for the umpteenth time.

Mike Slater rose from the stygian depths of corporate America at about the same time Viagra and Google came to be. Irish Astrologers and Iron Maiden fans remain divided as to whether or not these events are related. Mike is the author of The Necronomnomnom, LoveCraft Cocktails, The NecroMunchicon, and several horror tales scattered about the dark literaturescape, and a designer of games of all sorts for Red Duke Games. He is a lifelong fan of Things Not of This Earth.

Henry Snider has dedicated his time for over 25 years to helping others tighten their writing through critique groups, classes, lectures, prison prose programs, and high school fiction contests. He co-founded Fiction Foundry (est. 2012) and the award-winning Colorado Springs Fiction Writers’ Group (1996-2013). Thirteen years to the month from founding the CSFWG, he retired from the presidency. After a much-needed vacation, he returned to the literary world. While still reserving enough time to pursue his own fiction aspirations, he continues to be active in the writing community through classes, editing services, and advice. Henry lives in Colorado with his wife, fellow author and editor Hollie Snider, son, poet Josh Snider, and numerous neurotic animals, including, of course, Fizzgig, the token black cat.

Hollie Snider writes horror, dark fantasy, and high fantasy. In 2012, she co-founded Fiction Foundry, a critique group dedicated to helping authors improve their writing in anticipation of publication. When not working on her own writing, Hollie leads creative writing workshops and participates in lectures and panels. She is currently at work on several novels and short stories. Hollie lives near Colorado Springs with her family and neurotic pets. Learn more about her work at

Josh Snider is a multi-genre author from a family of writers and editors. He has participated in professional writers’ groups for his entire life, being the youngest member of his first group, the award-winning Colorado Springs Fiction Writers Group, and a founding member and former president of Fiction Foundry. He has a background in poetry and has since moved into prose.

Joe Stout is an east-Tennessee based writer who focuses on short stories and flash fiction. His work has been published by the NonBinary Review, PsychoToxin Press and CafeLit. When he’s not writing, he enjoys exploring the mountains and spending time with his children. You can follow him on Facebook or Instagram.

David Lee Summers is the author of a dozen novels and over ninety published short stories. His writing spans a wide range of the imaginative from science fiction to fantasy to horror. David’s novels include The Solar Sea, which was selected as a Flamingnet Young Adult Top Choice, The Astronomer’s Crypt, which is a horror novel inspired by his work at an astronomical observatory, and The Brazen Shark, which was voted best steampunk novel in the 2017 Preditors and Editors Reader’s Poll. His short stories and poems have appeared in such magazines and anthologies as Realms of Fantasy, Cemetery Dance, and Straight Outta Tombstone. In 2010 and 2016, he was nominated for the Science Fiction Poetry Association’s Rhysling Award and in 2017, he was nominated for SFPA’s Dwarf Stars Award. In addition to writing, David has edited five science fiction anthologies including A Kepler’s Dozen, Kepler’s Cowboys and Maximum Velocity: The Best of the Full-Throttle Space Tales. When not working with the written word, David operates telescopes at Kitt Peak National Observatory. Learn more about David at

Kari J. Wolfe writes horror and weird fiction from her home in the foothills of the Rocky Mountains with her husband, daughter, and cat if she is not out on the eastern plains of Colorado with a herd of Skipper W quarter horses. Growing up, she read everything Nancy Drew and all the Newberry Medal Award winners she was given. Pet Sematary was the book that cemented her love of horror. Her interests range from most things horror and weird fiction-related to Western horsemanship. She also plays video games such as the Resident Evil series and Final Fantasy XIV where she plays a Level 90 Dancer named Kips Sanguine on Odin, a European server. In one of her past lives, she received a degree in mathematics and physics from Marshall University in Huntington, WV.  She can be found online on Facebook, Bluesky (, or on her blog/newsletter.

Martin Zeigler writes short fiction, primarily mystery, science fiction, and horror. A number of his stories have been published both in print and online. His work can be found in Mystery Magazine, Mystery Tribune, Shotgun Honey, Yellow Mama, and in a whole slew of other magazines and anthologies. Many of his stories can also be found in two self-published collections, A Functional Man and Other Stories and Hypochondria and Other Stories. When he is not writing, Marty is quite possibly outside taking a long walk or inside dabbling on the piano or struggling valiantly with a classic unsolved problem in number theory. He makes his home in the Pacific Northwest.