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Case Files of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society: Volume 1 by Robert Lewis & Bryan Bonner

Case Files of the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society: Volume 1 by Robert Lewis & Bryan Bonner

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Do you enjoy a good ghost story?

“Forget everything you've seen on T.V. or movies about paranormal investigating - this book is the real deal, and it's smarter and scarier (and sometimes funnier). The Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society's case files are detailed but also exciting, written not just with a scientist's quest for truth but also a novelist's attention to pacing and background. This is a book that I suspect many of us will return to over and over in the years to come.” - Lisa Morton, author of Ghosts: A Haunted History and Calling the Spirits: A History of Seances.

For nearly a quarter of a century, the Rocky Mountain Paranormal Research Society has investigated ghosts, aliens, cryptids, and all manner of bizarre claims and happenings in Colorado and beyond.  Combining historic and scientific research with a love of the weird and scary, they’ve researched and documented some of the best paranormal stories in the world.  Now, Colorado’s first and only forensic paranormal investigation team is proud to present this inaugural volume of their collected case files.

Within these pages, you’ll learn not only the ghostly and paranormal stories, but the histories of the allegedly haunted locations and the methods Rocky Mountain Paranormal uses to get to the bottom of some of the world’s strangest phenomena.

Included in this volume:

*How Rocky Mountain Paranormal involved multiple departments of the United States Federal government in a paranormal investigation

*The haunting of an active nuclear military base

*A paranormal investigation inside a jail

*A paranormal investigation deep inside a cave

*A location that is still home to thousands of unidentified human bodies—and how Rocky Mountain Paranormal worked to tell their stories

*Colorado’s own vampire legend

*The time one of our investigators got slapped by an unseen entity

*The inspiration behind a classic horror movie

*And many more!

Some of the cases are solved and others remain deep mysteries, but all are both entertaining and informative.  Whether you like ghosts, aliens, monsters, history, science, or all of the above, these case files have something sure to please, and perhaps even to bring a chill to your spine.

“Mind-blowing! The authors thoroughly dive into each case with open minds to both rational explanations and the unexplained!” -Bret Smith, co-founder of the Colorado Festival of Horror

“No flashy gimmicks here! What we have are first-hand raw and real experiences from Colorado’s finest paranormal investigators. Hands down, the most comprehensive compilation of Colorado haunts!” -Jimmy Lee Combs, writer and director of Terror Tales


Available in 5 formats:

*Paperback autographed by the authors
*eBook (emailed to you in ePub format)
*Bundle with piece of wood from the historic Elkhorn Lodge, as featured in the book (consists of an autographed paperback copy and a small (approximately one inch) piece of wood recovered from the Elkhorn Lodge during renovations)
*Wood from Elkhorn Lodge only (does not come with a book)

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