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Arithmophobia: An Anthology of Mathematical Horror edited by Robert Lewis

Arithmophobia: An Anthology of Mathematical Horror edited by Robert Lewis

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Released on March 14, 2024 in celebration of Pi Day.

“Arithmophobia,” n.: The fear of numbers or mathematics.

Whether you love mathematics or find it terrifying, this anthology of original tales of terror is sure to send a chill down your spine. With an unlucky thirteen brand new horror stories and a bonus poem in case any readers suffer from triskaidekaphobia, these pages combine the talents of some of the genre’s most experienced award-winning practitioners of terror and some of the literary world’s most promising new voices.

Featuring contributions by Elizabeth Massie, Miguel Fliguer, Mike Slater, Patrick Freivald, Liz Kaufman, Damon Nomad, Sarah Lazarz, Martin Zeigler, Josh Snider, Rivka Crowbourne, Joe Stout, Brian Knight, Wil Forbis, David Lee Summers, and Maxwell I. Gold.

These stories tell us of strange and horrifying new geometries, crazed and violent mathematicians, sentient and malevolent numbers, and even some new mathematical twists on some classic monsters. You needn’t be a mathematician to experience these new forms of mathematical terror, though students of the discipline might recognize some familiar names and ideas lurking in the shadows.

So pull up a chair, dust off your abacus and slide rule, and prepare to experience…


Available in three formats:
*Paperback autographed by editor Robert Lewis (only available here)
*eBook (ePub format)

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