Non-Fiction Book Submissions

We’d love to consider your non-fiction book for publication.  At the present time, we’re OPEN for submissions of original non-fiction books.

We’re interested in considering books in a wide variety of categories or genres, but we have particular interest in intellectual non-fiction books that appeal either to a general audience or an audience that substantially overlaps with readers of our other publications.  Our interests are broad and include, but certainly aren’t limited to, history, science, mathematics, chess, cooking, philosophy, psychology,  folklore, religion, the paranormal, and more.

We don’t exclude any genre, category, or topic. However, biographies and memoirs will be a tough sell unless the subject is of general interest. Travel books, DIY guides, self-help books, reference books, and books of photography or art will all be a tough sell.  Time-sensitive or overtly political books are extremely unlikely to be of interest (though that doesn’t mean you have to check your politics at the door if the book is otherwise of interest to us).

At this time, we do not accept unsolicited full-length manuscripts, but gladly welcome unsolicited (including un-agented) pitches or queries.  To submit, please send us an email to with a brief description of yourself and your background (including your background with respect to the book’s topic) and publication history (if any—first-time authors are always welcome here) as well an approximately one-page description of your book.  Be sure to let us know whether the manuscript is finished or, if not, when it will be (tip: we strongly prefer queries regarding completed or nearly-completed manuscripts). Also be sure to tell us how long the manuscript is.  If your book will require interior artwork or photographs, clarify whether you already have all of these materials (and the necessary rights to publish them) or whether we’ll need to assist in development.  Please include all of this in the body of your email.  Attachments will be deleted unread.

Format your subject line as follows: “POLYMATH PRESS – Non-fiction query – [title and your name]”

In the alternative, if you (like us) still appreciate doing things the old-fashioned way, you’re welcome to send the same via postal mail to

Polymath Press
P.O. Box 461870
Aurora, CO 80046-1870

If you choose to inquire via mail, please either include your email address or a SASE for a response.

Reprints: Feel free to inquire, but these will be a tough sell.  Your odds will improve if you have an established following and/or the book in question has been out of print for at least several years.

Multiple submissions: Feel free to submit under multiple categories simultaneously (for example, you might submit a query regarding a book as well as a short story to one of our anthologies).  Submit only one book query at a time unless invited to send more.

Simultaneous submissions: Okay.  While we would love to be the only publisher to review your book, we understand that’s not always feasible.  Just be sure to let us know if it’s under consideration elsewhere and be sure to tell us promptly if you sell it to someone else.

Follow-up inquiries: Response times vary depending on the volume of submissions we receive.  Please feel free to inquire if you haven’t heard from us within one month of your pitch or query.